Visited my daughter in Montreal this weekend. Saturday was a lovely day (21-22 Celsius) and we walked around the botanical gardens. It’s such a beautiful place! So, too, is this city.









005crMy basic cooler weather wardrobe capsule suffers from a couple notable gaps. A handful of recent interviews prompted me to act on one of them and I added a black Rachel Roy blouse to my wardrobe. The blouse provides several options for business casual office or retail environments and would also work nicely for a night out so I’m quite pleased to add a piece with so much mileage in terms of expanding my wardrobe.

I didn’t intentionally walk over to Winners to buy a black blouse. It just happened; however, one of my wardrobe holes is a lack of dressier types of clothing so a blouse that I could wear with black denim was on my wardrobe planning wish list.

I’d never thought much about creating and building a wardrobe until a couple years ago. The two wardrobe planning sites I’ve learned the most from are the Vivienne Files and Into Mind.

Janice, the creator/blogger of the Vivienne Files uses several different concepts to build wardrobes. The one I’m looking at here for my cooler weather wardrobe is the 4×4. With this I have a core wardrobe of four pieces – 2 tops and 2 bottoms in the same neutral. Then, I have a second core of four in a different, or the same, neutral. Next up, four tops are added, which could an area in which to introduce prints, patterns or accent colours. And the last four clothing items are the expansion four, at least two of which should be tops. Accessories would be the next module but I’m stopping at the 16 core garments today.
Anuschka over at Into Mind provides a foundation, options and valuable insights for developing your personal style and wardrobe. One approach is using a combination of main colours, neutrals and accent colours. Another is developing your wardrobe from three categories – basics, in the middle pieces, and statement pieces. What constitutes a basic, middle or statement piece will vary by person. It seems I’ve adopted this second approach for cooler weather wardrobe planning. Here’s the same 16 pieces looked at using this method.
Differing lives, experiences, incomes, interests and aesthetics inevitably introduces individual adaptations and fine-tuning. Is there rhyme and reason in your wardrobe?

Ha, I should have included at least one coat so here it is as a 17th piece.


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Toronto Christmas Market

047Friday was the opening of the month-long Christmas Market in the historic Distillery District. It was a mild evening and while there were many people out it wasn’t too crowded. Oh, and what a beautiful tree in the main square!



The Mexican Day of the Dead (Dia de Muertos) holiday is celebrated October 31st-November 2nd; however, festivities are being held at Harbourfront this weekend.

Ballet Folklorico Puro Mexico

Ballet Folklorico Puro Mexico

Ofrenda for Amalia Hernández Navarro

Ofrenda for Amalia Hernández Navarro

Autumn walk in High Park

The unseasonably warm and ideal walking weather prompted me to get out and enjoy nature and it’s autumn splendor once again. On Thursday I ventured westward over to High Park.

This is the park of my childhood. I grew up a couple blocks away and even though I had a large backyard I still spent considerable time in the park. It was where I caught tadpoles, went toboganning and socialized.

The last time I lived in Toronto I also lived in this area. As an adult I appreciated High Park for its natural and landscaped areas, serenity, restaurant and farmer’s market. The park has a zoo, sports facilities, an off-leash dog park, playgrounds, picnics areas, trails and ponds. In days gone by you could skate on Grenadier Pond in the winter and rent paddle boats in the summer. Ecological rehabilitation takes priority now. This park is a treasure!

Toronto is having an atypically warm first week of November with temperatures around 20C. Add sunshine into the mix and what better than to spend the afternoon over on the islands. Many others had the same idea. A few people were swimming, paddling, kayaking, boarding and sailing. In Toronto, in November!

What a lovely place to spend an off season afternoon! I had forgotten about this past weekend’s time change and was surprised by how early and quickly it became dark. While there were many cyclists on the ferry when I set out for Ward’s the passengers on the 5:45pm return trip were mostly on foot.