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A group exercise that we’ve been working on in the applied research and evaluation food security course at Ryerson is to cost food for a weekly nutritious food basket. My group and I have been using The nutritious food basket guidance document (Ontario Ministry of Health, 2010) and Canada’s Food Guide (Health Canada). It’s been an interesting exercise. People in other groups have commented on the difficulty of calculating weight and cost conversions and serving sizes. As a tool, it seems to serve as a general reference. It doesn’t take into account dietary or religious restrictions and it uses the assumption that people prepare meals from scratch.  The process of doing the exercise has also shown that access can be a barrier, both economically and physically, particularly as it applies to people with limited incomes such as seniors, students, people on social assistance, low-wage or casual workers. In this respect, it does highlight the fact that many with limited incomes are food insecure at the individual household level.

CANADA’S FOOD GUIDE recommends the following weekly servings for an adult female aged 19-50 :

Vegetables & fruits: 49-56

Grain products: 42-49

Milk & alternatives: 14

Meat & alternatives: 14

Oils & fats: 210-315 mL

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