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Ottawa is participating in the day of global Occupy protests. It’s a low-key government town and I didn’t come across much information prior to the day. Nonetheless, I was curious and headed over to Confederation Park to catch a bit of the Occupy Ottawa demonstration. I stayed perhaps an hour and estimate there were about 300-400 people there. It was a rather polite and friendly rally.

From the tidbits I’ve come across in the news there seems to be a question of whether it is relevant in Canada. While we don’t have the kind of unregulated U.S. banking sector that enabled greed to plunge the world into recession in 2008 we are still part of a corporate-dominated global economy in which life is a precarious existence for the many. It is relevant here in Ottawa, in Canada, and elsewhere.

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Enjoy the fall scenery on the way to the bus stop.

Buy bread at a West Wellington neighbourhood bakery and enjoy a cup of coffee.

Observe the surroundings and take a picture that, to me, says “urban neighbourhood fall”.

Once at home try cropping the photo.

Play around and crop it again.

Enjoy a slice of fresh bread.

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