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DSCN2265crI’ve read that soapmaking is addictive and I think there’s some truth to that. I enjoy the art, science and experimentation that goes into formulating. However, making soap has turned out to be far more expensive than I had initially anticipated.

I first stumbled on the idea last summer while trying to scale down my ideas for an eco-friendly¬† business to something more feasible as a micro-enterprise. With very little in the way of money, or space, it took a while to get started – lots of time for research – and it’s only this summer that I’ve been able to start selling. This is on a very, very small scale.

I found a small new summer art market that provides a table and chair to those of us that need this basic setup and once a week for the past few weeks I’ve been setting up a table and trying to sell my natural soap and body care items and gain some customer insight. It’s a challenge. The market is located in a wonderful outdoor space but being a new market and not really a commercial space there aren’t many customers. I have learned a few things from the experience so in that sense it has been worthwhile.


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