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008I’ve been on the lookout for a new pair of shoes or ankle booties. Something to replace the pair of booties and two pairs of shoes I banished from my life. I don’t like clutter but sometimes I donate things a tad too quickly. Such is the case with my autumn footwear.

I’ve been eyeing a pair of muted mauve suede booties for awhile – they’re out of my budget. The other week I came across something that seemed a viable substitute at half the price. A pair of black Camper bootie-ish shoes. I wasn’t totally convinced I wanted black though, but, today I went to purchase them. I came home with something else. It’s still a Camper shoe but instead of a bootie cut it’s a slipper-like loafer with texture and a print! I like these aspects but now I’m second guessing myself. Do I want to keep them or exchange them for what I had intended to get?


In the meantime, while I sort out this fall shoe shortage and limited budget dilemma I’m linking up with Sheila’s shoeshine at Ephemera. This is my attempt at another outfit of the day post. BTW, Happy Thanksgiving!



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