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My reason for heading to Riobamba was to get a ticket for the Devil’s Nose train ride. The tickets were sold out but I was able to purchase a bus ticket to Alusi and board the train there for the infamous switchbacks. We had to stop to clear a boulder from the tracks and while it was being moved there was a small landslide a little further up the track, which also had to be cleared. This is a tourist train and we took turns riding inside and on top of the coach. It was a great ride!

I spent a little time exploring Riobamba as well. It has a more relaxed vibe than Quito. I took in the volcano views from Parque 21 Avril, savoured the taste of  incredible ice-cream and watched the police chase a thief on foot. I chatted with a local who had lived in Britain for five years, married a Polish woman there, but was now back in Ecuador awaiting an immigration hearing. I wish him luck.

Sidenote about bus travel – Even with all the fog, cliff edges and roadside memorials long-distance buses in Ecuador are efficient and an enjoyable way to travel. The country is small and it doesn’t take long to get from one destination to another. Passengers get on and off all along the route, as do people selling food and various items. There’s lively music or mediocre films, the scenery is rural and mountainous – agricultural crops planted patchwork on the hills result in lovely patterns and colours.

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