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I can’t get no satisfaction
I can’t get no satisfaction
‘Cause I try and I try and I try and I try
I can’t get no, I can’t get no.

I wanted a song to tie into this post and it may seem like the Rolling Stone’s career-jettisoning 1965 critique of commercial culture is a bit of a leap but I’m focusing on the aspect of it that is a search for authenticity.  Sometimes we find ourselves in jobs and environments that do not provide any fulfillment. We’re disengaged. Sometimes we find ourselves in a new phase of life and, perhaps, in need of a little direction. Maybe we desire authenticity and need to connect with our fire and passion. Sometimes we just find ourselves in that limbo land of unemployment. … Authenticity … Satisfaction.

We are all unique complex beings and self knowledge is important for job seekers and career changers. It can be enlightening, or at least useful, to explore who you are through a combination of personality and career assessments. It’s a process that helps you identify and synthesize your skills, traits, strengths, preferences and the types of work and environments that would most appeal to you.

Personality Dimensions uses a series of picture card sets. Once you’ve made your selections you add up the scores to see where you fall on the green, gold, blue and orange spectrum. Core needs are rooted in knowledge and competence for a green, belonging through a sense of duty and responsibility for a gold, relationships and self actualization for a blue, and freedom, activity and variety for an orange. Essentially, we are all plaid but our preferences will be distributed differently. One of the nice things about this assessment is that once you’ve identified your colour you break into colour groups, come up with responses to a few questions and then present the information to the other groups. The general characteristics of each colour group are quite different and it serves as a tool for not only understanding yourself but others, too.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is another personality assessment tool. The MBTI measures your preferences for introversion and extroversion; sensing and intuitiveness; feeling and thinking; and perceiving and judging. The result is a four-letter personality type code. There are 16 in total. Self-assessments aren’t foolproof so you do need to question whether the result is really a reflection of you. For a bit of MBTI humour checkout a slight variation of Elis N. Harsham’s type prayers.

Holland codes are another tool for helping you explore career options. You can do a quick party preference version or a longer skills and interests version. With this tool you come up with a three-letter preference code based on six categories – artistic, investigative, social, conventional, enterprising, and realistic.

And, one of the best job seeking/career changing resources around is still the infamous What Color is Your Parachute book by Richard Bolles. For it to be a useful resource, you need to do the exercises.

How well do you know yourself? Most, or all, of these aids are available free through various employment centres and programs.

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