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ToastmastersLogo-ColorTable topics is the impromptu speaking part of a Toastmasters meeting. It’s an opportunity for people to practice speaking off the cuff by responding to a question, statement or scenario while also attempting to meet specific objectives. Tonight’s meeting theme is charitable endeavours and I’m the table topics master/mistress. Try your hand at table topics, albeit without the group dynamic, by responding to one of my questions. Address it within a 1-2 minute time frame and incorporate vocal variety and body language in your response.

1. Many health research organizations raise funds through sporting events. Have you participated in any events or sponsored someone who has?

2. What type of causes most resonate with you?

3. Arts organizations typically solicit funds by holding high-priced dinner galas. Does this strategy of targeting higher income people imply that arts are not relevant to people of more modest means?

4. Food security specialists argue that food banks are a band-aid solution that hinders political reform. It’s estimated that only 25% of disadvantaged people use such services due to the inherent lack of dignity involved. Should food banks be abolished?

5. Crowdfunding sites such as indigogo are becoming popular venues for individuals to raise funds for a variety of small projects. Would you to contribute to a project that interests you?

6. Are you more likely to donate to a charity that focuses on international causes or local causes?

How did you do? Did you remember to enlist vocal variety and body language in your response?

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