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Cochabamba is not really a tourist destination, although, apparently it is a prosperous city. It has a population of approximately 517,000 and was the first place in South America where I saw blonde-haired residents.  The climate is wonderfully warm; it’s actually hot and humid and I’m enjoying it, particularly after the rain and cooler temperatures in La Paz!

It’s easy to notice the contrasts between wealth and poverty here. Parts of it are very gritty and the streets are lined with disabled men and impoverished women propped up against buildings with babies lying on the pavement. A few blocks away is a crowded and busy business square. Here men sit at tables sheltered from the hot sun by umbrellas as they put their typewriters to use. I’m not sure, but I suppose they are independent business service providers. A little further north is a lovely tree-lined boulevard with upscale restaurants and cafes.

I liked the city and stayed a couple days. I gave my camera a rest and didn’t take any photos. I now regret this!

My next destination was Sucre. Bolivian buses are not particularly comfortable and they lack washrooms. I was squished into the seat with a large Indigenous woman  who kept falling asleep, dropping her hat, and wakening abruptly to pick it up, brush it off, and look at me accusatorily. Along the way we picked up other passengers and the bus was full; however, the driver allowed two young women and a baby to take a spot in the aisle. Their night was certainly more uncomfortable than mine.

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