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I’m a job seeker. What I expected to be a two or three week process has gone on for over two years. That’s longer than many of my paid jobs lasted.

My current journey has led me along the interview road to a few pretty awesome positions, including the closest I’ve ever been to a dream job, and a handful of ones that didn’t excite me but most of which would be preferable to my current condition. I’ve been shut out of the “survival” job category, which I had expected to be a good career transition option. During this process I’ve read books and articles, attended workshops, and implemented some of the strategies I’ve found along the way.

Lately, I’ve been going to the workshops at Pinecrest-Queensway Employment Centre. If you live in Ottawa and are looking for work I recommend checking them out. Kari Drouin, the employment trainer at PQCHC, is a high energy presenter. Last week she delivered a workshop on The Effective Job Search. Effective means working smarter not harder and you do this by engaging in a variety of proactive strategies. Proactive is the key concept and involves making yourself known. A couple days later I attended a workshop by Len Fardella of Peter’s New Jobs. This upbeat Google & You workshop focused on building your Internet presence, as the title implies, and interacting in the virtual networking world.

The concept of networking isn’t new to me; however, the workshops offer fresh insight and motivation for a search that’s feeling a little stale.

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