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I arrived back in Mexico City the evening of January 2nd and stayed at the same hostel. The holiday festivities were still in progress and the streets around the Zocalo were closed to traffic. The taxi driver let me out a few blocks from the hostel and I made my way through the crowds. Lugging around my backpacks in the crowd might have felt a little intimidating if I hadn’t already been here.

I didn’t leave myself enough time to take in all the cultural attractions I missed at the beginning of my trip. That’s ok though – it isn’t necessary to see everything. I was curious about the Metro and quite excited about braving the city’s subway system. I expected it to be crowded but was really surprised at finding vendors on the train. There they are passing  through the coaches quickly shouting out their sales pitches! I couldn’t leave without visiting the Museum of Anthropology and that’s where I spent my final day. I probably should have started my trip here. The museum is huge and the collection is vast, inspiring and a fantastic introduction to Mexico’s history and culture. It’s also impossible to take it all in – it’s staggering!

Mexico made a lasting impression. The people are sweet and gentle and they work hard and long. The history, culture, landscapes and climate are also part of the captivation. The country definitely has a place in my heart and I wasn’t at all ready to leave – there’s so much more to explore. Nonetheless, it was time to say good-bye.

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