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My daughter is a thoughtful and talented person who is doing the right thing by transitioning and being true to herself. It’s been a month since she came out as a transgender woman and she has received support from friends, family, clients and strangers. Thank you.

daryl profileShe is a photographer and wants to help increase awareness and acceptance of transgender people. She has started a crowdfunding campaign, The Transgender Experience, a project that will explore what it means to “pass” in society.

I’m reading The Riddle of Gender, by Deborah Rudacille, and a quote in the book comes to mind, “Nature loves diversity; society hates it.” For as long as people have existed, transgender people have existed. Trans people are a minority and not well understood. This has often resulted in prejudice and violence. It is absurd that we would hate or hurt people simply because they are different. Gender variance is part of our human fabric and we need to learn about and accept other people. A trans person could be your child, sibling, parent, grandparent, friend, neighbour, colleague, etc. Learn, accept, become an ally.

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