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Raj Patel, author of  Stuffed and Starved and The Value of Nothing, spoke at the University of Ottawa on Tuesday evening. He’s a highly engaging speaker and I thoroughly enjoyed hearing his insights into gender, current food prices, land reform, how technology is used as a diversion for politics, and more.

I’ve been reading a module on gender in my food security course and it was quite interesting how much of what he said tied in with gender. He repeated what I think I read in one of his books about food sovereignty being an end to violence against women. An example would be women in the global south working land that they cannot own. He linked increased crop yields to decreased nutrition for children as it entailed more labour for women. He also talked about a current project in north Malawi where men and women get together for “Recipe Days” and discuss intra-household gender issues – the project involves 50,000 farmers.

For more information about these issues and more checkout Raj’s website.

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