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It was a beautiful April 1st and what better to do on a gorgeous day than go for a walk. Today I headed up the Speed River Trail, part of the Royal Recreation Trail, and followed it northeast to where it reaches Victoria Road. I was tempted to go all the way to Guelph Lake but decided to put it off for a day when I remember to bring a water bottle, and start earlier.  The main trail is fairly wide and popular with cyclists. Both it and the more naturalized route along the river is popular with walkers.


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I’m still exploring Guelph and today I ventured south for a walk in the woods. The Hanlon Creek Trail is part of the Royal Recreation Trail, a footpath which runs, more or less, throughout the city. I liked the trail, or rather the portion of it that I strolled along – very peaceful and just enough people passing by to make it feel neighbourly rather than isolated. A couple of signs mention the connection to the Monteverde Rainforest in Costa Rica. For instance, a bird calls this wooded area home for four months of the year and lives in Central America the rest of the year. Lucky bird!

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