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(March 2009)

Salta is a great city with a population of approximately 465,000 people. It’s more popular than I realized and finding a place to stay was a bit of a challenge.

A fact I missed in my research is that the electrical outlets are not the same as everywhere else I’ve been. I wasn’t able to find the right adapter and had to purchase a new battery charger.  It’s kind of nice to do non-touristy things like go to hardware stores. I even used a supermarket – the first one I’ve seen since leaving Canada!

I stayed here for five or six days but could easily have spent more time in this area. The late summer weather is amazing and Salta’s proximity to the Quebrada de Cafayate make it a highly appealing place.

The Quebrada de Cafayate is a truly awesome part of the country. The colours, textures and forms of the landscape are a feast for the eyes. I am here on a day tour and as part of the tour we also visited Bodega Nanni, an organic winery.

The wine is not very aged and is somewhat light and “crisp” on the palette.  Still nice though. Argentina is famous for its beef and I had an amazing lunch here in Cafayate. It’s the first time I’ve eaten beef in a long time and will repeat the country’s cultural food experience.

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