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One of several sculptures commemorating the 38,000 Irish famine victims who arrived on Toronto's shores in 1847

One of several sculptures at Ireland Park commemorating the 38,000 Irish famine victims who arrived on Toronto’s shores in 1847.

It felt like a day for wandering along the waterfront. I appreciated my encounters with art, nature, coffee and other things on this day after Halloween, this Day of the Dead.

Part of Meryl McMaster's In-Between Worlds series

Part of Meryl McMaster’s In-Between Worlds series



Cutie-pie dog

Cutie-pie dog



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038Last weekend was the annual Doors Open event in Toronto. Rather than making a list and heading out to a number of spots I just incorporated a visit to City Hall into my walk.

I love the Metropolis relief sculpture; people are always getting their photos taken in front of it. I don’t know the people in this photo and they don’t know each other but I liked how the young woman’s hat mimmicks the circular centre of the sculpture and how the man has rested his hand on the nails.

I started my visit wandering around the rooftop podium. I was delighted by the greenspace! The revitalisation project up on the podium and at ground level make it so inviting.


007More typically Doors Open oriented, I sat in the council chamber for a while and watched old docs and images and checked out the Hall of Memory and time capsule. Nathan Phillips Square is a popular spot, whether it be a formal event or just hanging around.



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