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IMG_3938astronautMy bus arrived in Nazca around 10 pm and I let a tout talk me into staying at the hotel he was representing rather than the hostel I had in mind. I also purchased my Nazca flight through him and the hotel. My rationale was that it was too late at night to go comparison shopping for the early morning flight. I probably paid a little more because of this but what I didn’t find out until I was at the airfield was that I could have booked the flight directly with the airport. Oh well, then I would have had to pay for a cab. It’s definitely a very busy little airfield.

Flying over the desert is surreal. I had first read about and been intrigued by the Nazca culture back in the 80s but now I was relishing the moment. I’m intellectually stimulated by the lines and the puzzle they represent – my unscientific opinion is that they were created in homage to the highest of the three levels of gods in Nazcan mythology, the condor. I’m equally fascinated with experiencing this otherworldly view in a small craft – a four-seater plane and I was in the co-pilot seat! (One of my childhood ambitions was to be a pilot.) The pilot pointed out the figures and geometric abstractions and as I tried to isolate them in my camera’s viewfinder I missed most of the shots. I fared better than the other two passengers though – upon exiting the plane they became sick. It’s important not to eat breakfast prior to the flight. By 8:30 am the 20-minute flight and adventure is over!

Nazca is very hot with no shade cover. Hotel checkouts are in the morning. My next bus isn’t until 11 pm. I decided to pass on the countryside tour to the ancient cemetary where you can view mummified remains. No doubt, it would have been interesting but the whole tout experience had put me off. I walked around and visited the very good Antoni museum, dined on the special of the day, replenished my thirst several times, chatted with the locals, and was happy to leave that night.

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