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Visited my daughter in Montreal this weekend. Saturday was a lovely day (21-22 Celsius) and we walked around the botanical gardens. It’s such a beautiful place! So, too, is this city.




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Crab apple blossoms

Prince of Wales is one of the Ottawa streets that I quite like. The trees are in bloom and the area is infused with lovely spring growth and colour. It’s major downfall is the constant procession of traffic! The Canadian Agriculture Museum, Ornamental Gardens and Arboretum, which are part of the Central Experimental Farm, and the Fletcher Wildlife Centre are situated in the Dow’s Lake area. I wandered around this area today for the first time… and along the the Rideau Canal path.

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The Canadian Tulip Festival continues and what a difference a few days makes in the life of a plant. Bold, strong, sculptural. The beds at Major’s Hill Park are a wonderful explosion of colour. Quite irresistable after a long, cold, grey winter.

Back in the 1630s, during the economic bubble known as tulipmania, a single tulip bulb fetched prices greater than a craftsman’s annual salary, or, approximately 30-50K in today’s dollar! Fortunately, that bubble busted and the bulbuous plant can be enjoyed by all.

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The Canadian Tulip Festival runs May 6-23, 2011. According to the festival’s website, Princess Juliana of the Netherlands gave Ottawa 100,000 tulip bulbs in appreciation for safe haven during World War II.

There are now over 1 million tulips in the National Capital Region and the largest concentration is in Commissioner’s Park at Dow’s Lake.

I visited this venue today. Many of the plants are not yet in bloom; nonetheless, I enjoyed the explosion of colour as I feasted my eyes on those that were.

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