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(Early March 2009)

Tarija is in wine country and to get from here to the border town of Villazon is a spectacular bus ride around the mountains. It took a little longer than anticipated.

I purchased a ticket and boarded the 10 a.m. bus just as it was leaving the station. No time to buy water or snacks. However, the bus broke down half an hour into the journey. We were in a lovely resort sort of area and I was able to get something to drink. Unfortunately, it took two hours to fix the problem with the front wheel. Repair completed – the bus travels with a crew – we were on our way again and 10 minutes later we reached the unpaved road to Villazon. The route is scenic – how I love mountains  – and, at times, it is somewhat scary!

After four hours with many curves and bends the bus broke down again. This time the problem was at the back wheels. At least we were on somewhat straight flat ground at this point. It took three hours to fix. We boarded the bus again and continued on our way. Neither of the repairs were actually tested.

We were soon winding our way around the mountains again and half an hour later it was dark. We stopped and our driver negotiated with an indigenous family to sell us some food. Being quite behind schedule we were now driving at what seemed to be a rather fast speed – on a dark winding mountain road. Many trucks were pulled off to the side. Soon, we too, came to a stop. There had been a landslide.

The bus crew started clearing the rubble. The truck drivers and  passengers watched. A few eager passengers helped. Once the road was reasonably clear, and everyone was off the bus, the driver accelerated up the road. The bus got stuck at the top. The driver started backing up and everyone scooted out of the way. A little more rubble removal was necessary. And some scrambling as a small truck came up the hill from the other side. It couldn’t go very far though as our bus was in the way. Enough of the debris was now cleared that the driver could back up and shift over to the side. A little more effort clearing the road and the bus made it over. We walked up and over and got back on board.

By now we could see a lot of lightning in the distance and soon after it was raining. We arrived in Villazon just after 10 p.m. Amazingly, the bus driver and the crew didn’t seem the least bit daunted by these obstacles. Just another day in Bolivia?

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