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DSCN2037Another lovely summer-like day! I spent a couple hours at Commissioners Park checking out this year’s tulip festival. The festival runs May 3rd-20th.


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Single digit temperatures … rain and more rain. I hope this isn’t typical of Ottawa.

At least Sunday was dry … cool but dry. I walked around Commissioners Park enjoying the tulips and the promise of warmer weather … so did a lot of other people. It’s the halfway point of the tulip festival.

I was enchanted with the whimsical Mona Lisa tulips. Bending, swooping and reaching … they  seem energetic and carefree. More like birds than plants! I’d like to be in a field of them … on a warm, sunny day! Dancing and tiptoeing in the breeze.

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The Canadian Tulip Festival continues and what a difference a few days makes in the life of a plant. Bold, strong, sculptural. The beds at Major’s Hill Park are a wonderful explosion of colour. Quite irresistable after a long, cold, grey winter.

Back in the 1630s, during the economic bubble known as tulipmania, a single tulip bulb fetched prices greater than a craftsman’s annual salary, or, approximately 30-50K in today’s dollar! Fortunately, that bubble busted and the bulbuous plant can be enjoyed by all.

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The Canadian Tulip Festival runs May 6-23, 2011. According to the festival’s website, Princess Juliana of the Netherlands gave Ottawa 100,000 tulip bulbs in appreciation for safe haven during World War II.

There are now over 1 million tulips in the National Capital Region and the largest concentration is in Commissioner’s Park at Dow’s Lake.

I visited this venue today. Many of the plants are not yet in bloom; nonetheless, I enjoyed the explosion of colour as I feasted my eyes on those that were.

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