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“Mommy, it’s a plant paradise!” That’s the comment Wendy, the volunteer coordinator, overheard a young boy make on Saturday morning. And, well, it is true. The Enabling Garden at Riverside Park is an intriguing and special place for young and old.

For me, the garden is a way to indulge in an artistic appreciation of beauty and design.  It satisfies my passion for movement and the outdoors. And there’s more – it stimulates my curiosity by providing a venue for getting up close to nature and observing its lifecycle changes.

The garden is a visual symphony. Plants grow, flower, entice bees to pollinate, whither, go to seed and become dormant while other specimens come into bloom amid the fruit- and nut-bearing trees and shrubs and the butterflies flitter and rest. By nature and design the garden is in constant flux.

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Volunteered at the 7th annual Southern Ontario Amazing Race on Sunday. The event raises funds for the Children’s Foundation of Guelph and Wellington. I was stationed at the Taste Test Challenge and had a great time. Congratulations to all 20 race teams!

Prior to the event, I caught a couple of the Contemporary Dance Festival performances in Exhibition Park – Suddenly Dance Theatre’s Courtyard for a Bird and Lady Janitor’s Ah! Mes Synchronettes. I love the arts and the performances were simply amazing!

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Today I did my first volunteer shift at the Guelph Enabling Garden.

It’s a public garden in Riverside Park that also offers horticultural therapy programs and workshops. It’s in a lovely setting by the Speed River and is appreciated by seniors, people recovering from illness and just about anyone who happens to stroll through. It is now in its sixth season.

Part of the garden is for the use of community groups, so that people who might otherwise have difficulty gardening are able to do so in the raised beds. Guelph is more or less the birthplace of Canadian horticultural therapy.

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