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005crMy basic cooler weather wardrobe capsule suffers from a couple notable gaps. A handful of recent interviews prompted me to act on one of them and I added a black Rachel Roy blouse to my wardrobe. The blouse provides several options for business casual office or retail environments and would also work nicely for a night out so I’m quite pleased to add a piece with so much mileage in terms of expanding my wardrobe.

I didn’t intentionally walk over to Winners to buy a black blouse. It just happened; however, one of my wardrobe holes is a lack of dressier types of clothing so a blouse that I could wear with black denim was on my wardrobe planning wish list.

I’d never thought much about creating and building a wardrobe until a couple years ago. The two wardrobe planning sites I’ve learned the most from are the Vivienne Files and Into Mind.

Janice, the creator/blogger of the Vivienne Files uses several different concepts to build wardrobes. The one I’m looking at here for my cooler weather wardrobe is the 4×4. With this I have a core wardrobe of four pieces – 2 tops and 2 bottoms in the same neutral. Then, I have a second core of four in a different, or the same, neutral. Next up, four tops are added, which could an area in which to introduce prints, patterns or accent colours. And the last four clothing items are the expansion four, at least two of which should be tops. Accessories would be the next module but I’m stopping at the 16 core garments today.
Anuschka over at Into Mind provides a foundation, options and valuable insights for developing your personal style and wardrobe. One approach is using a combination of main colours, neutrals and accent colours. Another is developing your wardrobe from three categories – basics, in the middle pieces, and statement pieces. What constitutes a basic, middle or statement piece will vary by person. It seems I’ve adopted this second approach for cooler weather wardrobe planning. Here’s the same 16 pieces looked at using this method.
Differing lives, experiences, incomes, interests and aesthetics inevitably introduces individual adaptations and fine-tuning. Is there rhyme and reason in your wardrobe?

Ha, I should have included at least one coat so here it is as a 17th piece.


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Beautiful waterfall in the Sculpture Garden

Beautiful waterfall in the Sculpture Garden

I know it’s coming but I’m not ready to commit. There will be another week or two in which to enjoy the embrace of summer’s warmth. That chilly air was just a weekend fling.

I have been thinking about autumn in terms of wardrobe though. I have a relatively small wardrobe, particularly when it comes to cooler weather options and I could use a number of items. So, for the very first time, I’ve engaged in wardrobe planning. I don’t anticipate being able to acquire all the items on my list – I’m in an all too frequent and lengthy state of unemployment – but keeping the needs in mind should help me reject spontaneous buys that don’t provide enough versatility.

I purchased a coral pendant from a street vendor at the St. Lawrence Market. She’s been making and selling jewelry there for the past 20 years. It’s an inexpensive piece but, I think, it brings some colour to my face. I can look very washed out in black or very pale colours so it was one of those things on my list. It’s also a nod to a pair of red Cole Haan ballet flats that I bought at the end of the season almost two years ago but which haven’t gotten much wear.

I did find a few thrift shop items that fall within that wardrobe planning list – a white cotton J. Crew button shirt with tags still attached, a black and grey striped Eileen Fisher v-neck merino wool sweater, a pair of black NYDJ highrise skinnies, and an unworn navy Gerry Weber short-sleeved v-neck dress that has spring, summer and early fall wearability. An item that needed replacement was a handbag and I picked up a vegan crossbody bag at Winner’s in a denim-blue colour, which seems to work with everything I own.

Berczy Park

Berczy Park

My camera lacks sharpness and definition. Perhaps someday I’ll have a real camera and tripod again. In the meantime, I’ve donned my old MEC (Mountain Equipment Coop) rain jacket and Sperry rain boots to venture out into my lovely neighbourhood on this autumnal-like Sunday afternoon.

The fact that I’m writing a style post is a tribute to the fantastic blogs I’ve been reading over the last year and a half. I’m linking up with Patti of Not Dead Yet Style’s Visible Monday.

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