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I’ve been meaning to checkout Hogs Back Falls for a while and today I finally did. Visually, technically and historically it’s an impressive site.

The falls are a result of the dam that was constructed for the Rideau Canal and are a waste water weir. Prior to the creation of the dam Hogs Back Falls, also known as Prince of Wales Falls,  did not exist. At that time what existed were the Three Rock Rapids, which had a drop of 1.8 metres (6 feet). The dam was necessary to raise the water level of the river. The dam raised the river 12.5 metres (41 feet) and hence created the falls.

This is the point where the canal leaves the Rideau River and the artificial channel continues to the Ottawa River. The canal is located to the west of the dam and the falls are to the east. Directly south is what is now Mooney’s Bay. For more information about the history of the dam’s construction click here.

Back in the late 1820s the Ottawa area was still a wilderness. One of the interpretation plaques states that it was a three-day journey from downtown Ottawa through forest and swamp to reach this site.

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