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DSCN2312Evergreen Brick Works is a prominent example of re-adapted use of industrial heritage buildings. The environmental centre features green design and promotes sustainability through workshops, tours and a farmer’s market. The rehabilitated quarry, a result of funds raised by the City and TRCA, is now a park and natural area.


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DSCN2282It’s been almost five years since I last lived in Toronto and I’d never really spent time in the east end, so I’ve been walking around and exploring.

This afternoon I headed over to Riverdale Farm. I’d visited a few times when I was a child but I think I’ve only been here once before as an adult. The farm, park and neighbourhood are enchanting. The farm is home to traditional farm animals – cows, horses, sheep and hens –  historic houses look onto the farm/park and you can wander along the ravine paths.

The farm is in Riverdale Park West and the park is separated by the Don Valley. The east park offers a wonderful view of the downtown skyline.



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