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Fletcher Wildlife Garden

Silver Poplar bark

That end of summer feeling is in the shops and mind. I’m not quite psyched up for the approaching fall and I thought I should get in a
pre-autumn walk before the non-commercial signs are too obvious. Umbrella in hand, I headed back over to the Arboretum and Central Experimental Farm. The rain held off and it turned out to be a perfect Sunday afternoon.

I’ve been looking at several books on trees, wild fruits and nuts, and foraging. I see people picking crab apples and I think I may try gathering some and experimenting with a jelly. Today, however, was about walking, not foraging, and I drew my inspiration from a copy of For the Love of Trees by Richard Hinchcliff and Roman Popadiouk, which is a guide to the trees at the

I do love trees! I’m also drawn to architecture and have developed an interest in barn architecture. It makes
this a great place to stroll! As I wandered through the Farm I was curious about the “experimental” aspect of the corn stalks – they certainly attracted a lot of crows.

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Standing  in the rain this morning, I looked around and contemplated the peacefulness of the moment while I continued to pluck tiny weeds out of pots. I was doing a solo volunteer shift at the  arboretum. The rain and solitude reinforced my awareness of the pleasure of engaging in this simple act. Actually, every Thursday when I walk down the road to the RJ Hilton Centre I am conscious of how much place can influence life.

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It was a beautiful sunny day today and I made my way over to the University of Guelph’s Arboretum. I needed a little revitalization and spending the afternoon outside amid nature is a great spirit lifter. It would have been nice to have my old snowshoes but boots were fine for the well-trodden paths. The grounds are serene and beautiful and there are signs of winter transitioning into spring.

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